patrons release for v0.10

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Development News

Hi guys,

patrons release for v0.10 is now available!

Public release in ~ a month

<read more to see release info>

Beside bugs fixing and many many code improvements here comes main features:

  • 3 new encounters including one with Tuna, where I’m using different technology for animation second time in my game – and I really want to hear your feedback on it! Both I want to make those encounters different as well as game characters – you would see that in Ram & Tuna encounter.
  • changed approach for encounters – now you will see some stuff / characters in different locations which means somewhere in the office encounter is running now! A box of pizza on a floor or else
  • changed approach in world lore – I’m trying to make game lore and who is actually who more understandable, adding ‘who is this guy / girl’ dialogues as well as general once
  • added several story scenes, that introduce new characters (or a new side for old characters)
  • cafe is back and now available as separate location (however is used only for Tuna & Ram encounter at the moment).
  • Leisure room was drawn and now is a part of a game (important part!)
  • More cheats: for gold and slutiness


  1. RandomRanduin

    Mh, is that normal that sometimes, i can’t do my work? i mean, i click on it but it does litterally nothing, if not making the window desappear

  2. GoudDeal

    I have a issue with the version, When i tried to acces to the sex scenes with jack during coffe time, the game crashes and says “Wrong wmode and service support not supported”. How can i fix it ?

      1. jay

        i tried both, and it is still not working, some scenes are missing. can you give me a link or something? thanks! btw, great game!

  3. Katherine Shore

    so will the public be released early September or late September? im thinking about making a 10 dollar pledge next paycheck cause im kinda in the negative right meow

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