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Hi guys,

this time I upload demo with a new quest mechanics implemented. Here you can see main ‘Gross Book’ quest as well as 2 simple encounters ‘Kelly looking good’ and ‘Ask for promotion’ in the same day. This concept of ‘free interaction’ with different characters inside location is something I wanted to implement for a long time, but was missing many and many things that I know now in programming and logical structuring of the game into code.


this demo mechanics includes such features as dynamic ‘free-dialogue options’ (when NPC phrases can be tied up to specific quest, or ‘simple talking’), immediate start of the chat (the same will be for h-scenes and previous scenic way communications), changing location environment based on quest stages, multiple ways for progressing in the chain of quest or encounter (this was particularly important achievement for this game).

Quest mechanics link <click here>

The next step is actually putting art ‘meet’ on this mechanics, but I really want to draw some tits, so there will be an h-scene probably first (I have few on my mind already 🙂


Control is WASD + E or Mouse

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  1. Musicfruit

    Well, besides I had a few collision problems, I didn’t saw any bugs. That you can talk to Kelly about the book is an nice detail.

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