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Hi guys,

this time I want to show you a piece of new game mechanics (click here) that I’m doing now.

All the January I’ve being working with talented writer (yes, spending your money, guys) in order to create a better story for my game. In a result I’ve got an exciting plan and concept for the game and we are already putting those stories and encounters into actual text scripts.

The problem is – this new concept can hardly be applied to existing game mechanics. So now I’m doing completely new game framework, that will include free world inside chosen working place, relations with multiple character and (what is most important) multiple encounters / events that can be run during the same working day. There will be no more ‘one day = one event’. Example of basic game engine is attached, in the next update I will implement example of how multiple encounters will work during one day and interaction with objects.

Briefly, what will change and what will stay the same:

– game mechanics will turn into free world inside the office (with isometric view)

– game story will change, it will be based mostly on personal relations (like Casey & Jack or Casey and her work) and not just a set of events as it was now

– relations with multiple characters and progress will be implemented

– graphics for dialogues and h-scenes will stay the same or improve

This change is going pretty hard, but I see a great improvement in it.


  1. Anonymous

    Hey the Forest scene doesn’t seem to be accessible or working anymore in v0,07 – can you fix this?
    Tried multiple sites.

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah, i’ve found the forest section has been inaccessible via the gallery or story mode – may be something to do with the flash player?

        1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

          Ok, workaround is to download file and run it locally on your computer.
          To do it – right-click on the link, ‘save link as…’ and save it on your computer. Then run file

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