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Hi guys,

What do we have in first alpha – this is a starting part for the game, mechanics will stay exactly as in file attached. As well I’m going to reduce the number of one-time played events (mostly those will be for ‘meeting’ new characters) replacing them with reoccurring (sometimes randomly) ones.

You can get file here (no supporting required): place


Introduced in this event:

-The concept of how Casey actually do her work in the office and interact with characters to improve own skills (and as result – daily income)

-The concept for going to work, shifting day time (most of the scenes are shifting time by 1 point) and chains of events (For example, when you have low level of the relations with Jack, he refuses to help Casey)

-Interaction with devices and stuff around

-Days changing mechanics and salary (you get money for actual work done during the day. Improving with career will push you into new scenes in later game development and will raise your daily salary)

-Clear structure of relations, skills and conditions, added character status window

-I’m still looking to provide better quality drawings, so facial emotions of Casey (and some for Jack) are redrawn, new workplace concept is implemented (including sitting drawings for Casey)

-Schedule for characters at work are implemented (for example Boss leaves at ‘early evening’, allowing to snatch his drinks)

-I’m moving away from story-concept, so the game should be developed on your actions, skills and relations. When I was asked long time ago – is it possible that Casey go to work, but don’t fuck with anyone? Now it will be possible, but playing as a horny girl should be much more fun 🙂

-So far only one sexual scene is here, available at 10 relations with Jack

-Number of dressings will later be reviewed and decreased. I like the idea to draw different sex scenes under different angles and so on, but making sex partially in cloth make this really painful process


What next?

-Bring back Sam to the game (with some existing and new sex scenes) as harsh counterpart of Jack.

-Increase amount of content, including of sexual nature. I was thinking to try Spine to get a smooth picture of sex, but flash is too much different with doing graphics. Anyway, I will give it a try and see if it worth the efforts.


Next date.

-I do not want to be a liar again, as currently implementation takes almost 2 times longer than my own estimations. However I’m again eager to plan it for the end of current month. Long days of coding are now behind and this should make the development run smoothly.

I hope to hear from you if you have any comments on how to make it better. So far I put voicing on pause, as this is not a priority according to feedback I’ve got from you guys.


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