Tuna scenes added

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Hi guys,
Tuna scenes 1 & 2 were added to site.

that took me a while, but now 2 variations of the mentioned scene are uploaded (I’ve created separate topic for 5$+ patrons, where recent sex scenes will be uploaded to avoid mess).

First scene with Tuna and Ram – an ending for an encounter of mutual Tuna and Nikki dislike, when Nikki push her boyfriend Ram (shy brother of alpha Sam) into sex with Tuna to prove “Nikki’s always number one!”. This story should be included into next update.

Second is for long term encounter (actually kind of ‘I have never ever’ minigame), when Tuna bet to have sex without taking down her panties.


    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      I’m finishing update now and are going to release it in a couple of days for patron’s only.
      So it will get into public release in about a month or so (I actually plan to make public releases with 1-2 month latency after patron releases)

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