leave2gether v16 patrons release is out

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Hi guys,

finally leave2gether v16 is out, you can find it here

change log (major stuff):

  • added Tommi
  • added 2 more interactions with Lana (morning shower and late night random encounter with Tommi (need to get home at Night or later))
  • added scripts to restore relations with Boss after ‘blackmailing’ line
  • after promotion you can learn self using pc up to 25 points
  • you can pass test for further tech advancement
  • pink scene with Kelly (you get dialog line open in the cafe with drunk Kelly after telling her about being intimidated by Boss. Need to be drunk as well)


  1. zhanlong

    Hello.I am in China,and i cant download your game.Newgrounds is not useful,and when i play on other website,it always say “Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device support”.So ,can i get some help from our sexgame master?

    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      Hi there! You need to start the game either from website (tested are this one or newgrounds) or download zip archive, unpack and run game from html file in folder

    2. zhanlong

      I m sorry to say that i cannt satar game in newgrounds or your download website (fucking chinese network limitations).

  2. Raf

    PLEASE READ THIS ! It’s worth it, I mean it.

    This game is taking too long to be published, I know you have a little group and it is REALLY hard to make a game, but for sure the majority of your fanbase is not a Patreon (Please fo not make conclusions right now I’m just giving you a tip). Patreons surely need exclusive content and you decided by releasing the new versions first for patreons ok but the v14 is getting too old and the content on your game ( That I really enjoy and want to see further progress I believe in your work) is really limited at the time and your fanbase can fall drastically beacuse it is a porn game and people want more content on a short time something that every game developer can’t do (Unfortunately). I just saying think about the free players too, no need of same version as a patreon but publish at least the previous of current patreon. Free players don’t give you money, but they make you grow a good content beacuse it works on plural. Thanks for your attention mate.

    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      Hi Raf. What you’re saying is correct, however this is a one-time delay. As soon as v15 will go public, public and patron’s releases will keep the same pace of around 1-1.5 month per release. No worry

        1. Anonymous

          Probably becues he wants more patreons 😀 now you will see what patreons have and you will get that in 2months 😀 so yeah here your answer

      1. Wobbly

        So the Public version is two versions behind the patreon version? You might want to update your patreon with that. You get a ridiculous amount of money per month, so I don’t believe the people are saying its because you are greedy. I will assume it is just a typo, or something that was decided later.

        1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

          it was initially planned to be released 2 versions later, however at ‘that time’ I was making a release per 2-3 months, so having public release with almost half a year delay was weird to me. Now, when new release is done during 1-1.5 months I decided to go for what was initially planned

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