Dev Diary: Phone Interface

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Dev Diary

Since the amount of encounters increased, I decided that it would be resonable to implement the ‘phone interface’ into the game.

So, what it does?

  • you can get some encounters or quests via message now (envelope at the top right)
  • clicking this envelope will allow you to check unread messages, accept or decline some quests (‘Scanner encounter’ initiation was moved from computer to phone messages, for example)
  • the aim is to remove the need to look for some quests all over location (or checking with characters), and especially for quests tied to specific time hours
  • another aim is to add some small additional element of side communication with characters (some simple dialogues in order to enrich game lore)
  • phone messaging is also a tool needed for future implementation of future non-working events

Phone tool will make it into development game area in the end of this week (hopefully with digital version of new Nikki)


  1. Bleep

    wow cool i really hope v0.12 comes out
    Btw i like v0.11 Im on day 47 😮 Anyways I REALLY REALLLY REALLY cant wait for v0.12

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