Nikki new design will come into the game in v13

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Oh well, she’s angry on the left, and might have her reasons to be 😀

Few ‘more human’ redesignes done for reshaped Nikki (good quality image is attached). Eventually Nikki will get one of those or very similar look out.


  1. Anonymous

    Have to agree with the others, a proper snout looks far better on Kelly than a generic human face. The face especially looks completely out of place in those three images on the right. Please stick to the design on the left more, when going forward!

  2. Anonymous

    A more animalistic Kelly with the snout looks far better than giving her one of those human faces. They look completely out of place with the rest of her body. Stick to the left side design.

  3. Bleep

    When will v0.13 come out and How do we become on nikki side
    Anyways what happends if someones relationship is at 100%
    Anyways nikki is so sexy btw why does when i see them kelly and the boss fucking it goes to the side of the door? 😮


    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      v13 patron’s release is planned for the end of December, so public a month later
      Currently you can go ‘on Nikki’s side’ by reducing relations with Ram or getting relations with Nikki in some small events (like licking sperm off her chin in ‘late pizza’ event)

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