Kelly & Casey pink scene animation

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Finally pink scene animation is done and uploaded to “latest sex scenes” .

Sorry for taking so long, at some point doing pink animation turned a bit frustrating. On the other hand I keep trying new stuff with meshes to make it look better.

I will try to push release in the end of this week. Will update you if I’m missing this deadline


  1. GeniReudan

    hi there , i am a big fan of you >> thanks a lot for your hard work, hope you continue to v99
    i just wondering about locked door at vault cafe .. whats your plane for it
    and another thing . I hope that you expand story a little add some character

  2. asouhamouda

    please we need this version , we need v 16 please send it to my email private & thank you a lot <3

  3. :/

    Your game does not progress! At the moment there is too much scene of different sex that makes it incredibly repetitive and the story does not advance I can not support your game currently so.

  4. Obaid124

    Hey … really love ur work. I ve some ideas like add some scenes of casey have to get a deal from a client. Havinh threesome with boss and kelly

  5. AòClapa

    in the game, when you got a date with Jack, you only have 1 option avalible and the others has been in development for a lot of time, when you gonna put something? sorry for my english :v

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