Will she take them all?

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Hi guys,

this is the animation that is going to be added to the game in the upcoming release. This one is a part of ‘Casey vs Nikki’ possible set of stories.

Seems like me and artist messed up a bit with Nikki colors 🙁  I was too excited and busy with animation to find it out until it was too late to change things. I hope you still like what we worked out

Animation is now finished and added to early access scenes topic


  1. Anonymous

    Why are you taking so much time for the public release?? I’m disappointed to know that you just care about the people who donate. Man I really enjoy this game. No hard feeling dude, just a request that keep updating the public version also, don’t make us wait too long

  2. Anonymous

    hello i love this game so i donated but dont know how to play 15 yet can you please explain how i can do it

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