reshaped bunny girl Lana

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Hi guys,

I promised you to show reworked bunny girl Lana made by new artist and I have something to show now.

Character is already correctly integrated into game framework, so this is how you will see Lana in-game (but not in the sex scenes, because I will do that in bitmap for better quality. I plan to make all new sex scenes in that way (example is scene with Tuna), while keeping new characters & environment game things in vector).

So here is she – Lana, Casey’s roommate, shy girl with hard family relations and hardly controllable sexual behavior.



    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      Yes, so far girl’s personality and everything has changed drastically as much as the size of her tits before she actually made it into the game. So now she’s Lana.

  1. Musicfruit

    What an cutie! Personally I would say an little bit darker fur color would suit her, but really just an little hint.

    I want to pet her.

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