zip vs swf?

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Hi guys,

topic is ‘zip vs swf’

question to everyone playing the game  – if you would like public game release to be a zip archive (the one with html file to run the game locally) or a current embed swf into this site (or newgrounds)? Or both?

I’m asking because v13 is going to be public released next week


  1. :)(:

    Hey theereee

    I prefer zip file cuz no need to install game every open and no need to internet connection and no frame problems like v12 (i wrongly click out of frame and close the game every time >_<) so in my opinion luv zip <3

  2. CL13

    First off I must say I love your game and secondly if it’s not to much to ask would it be possible for you to release public v13 on newgrounds? I could never get public v12 on this site to run right while I have never had any problems with any of the older versions on newgrounds.

  3. Reks

    Which is zip because when I download the swf some events do not work and there are errors when the file is opened with flash 10 or another program also come out errors and you can not go past the event and it stays like that and there is no way to go through that serious Best zip or downloadable

    Thanks for your hard work

  4. Dipper

    Ohhh man I fucking love u, I adore this game sooo… i think that the best one is a zip with the swf and the game only like ever, but i think that a game in swf is nice

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