public release v12 and patron’s release v13 announcements

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Happy New Year, guys!

You can find public release v12 release here and release notes here

Below are the list of updates for patron’s release v13:

  •  Nikki reshaped into ‘humanised’ version and added to the game. All scenes with Nikki are updated accordingly
  • Phone interface was tested, approved and added to the game. Few stories’ initiations moved to phone.
  • Added music as well as interfaces for turning sound on and off (I might work over that interfaces a bit more, to allow different sound levels).
  • Added set of Basic dialogs for Tuna, 2 chat stories for Sam, Code of Conduct scene
  • Background for sex scenes in Boss Office
  • Known big bugs fixed: Sam & Ram error after ‘twerk party’ scene, ‘Peeking on Boss’ scene error, sound issue, bunch of other small bugs


  1. .skulldriver101

    I have a few questions and ideas about the game, here they are:

    can there please be a less repetitive way of doing certain tasks. sitting there asking how pumps work 100 times over with the same dialogue is really annoying.

    Is there a way i can download the flash game to my computer or put the code in a HTML so that i can save it to my computer and run it in flashplayer or with chrome discreetly and still be able to save. it is porn after all (and i kept clicking out of the window thing on your website and loosing my progress.)

    also how do i use the gallery cheat it says its unlocked and i assumed it didnt require patreon.

    thank you for your time and this great game that needs to be created.

    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      1. If you can suggest approach for doing tasks less repetitive, but keeping the idea of doing daily work – just tell me.
      2. I guess you can download swf from this website, but you will need to make an html starter. I might consider doing some kind of zip archive for later releases
      3. Using gallery cheats do not require patreon, however the cheats itself are distributed among $10 patrons as an extra ‘thank you’
      4. thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m having the same problem as jay burn the entire right side is cut off and messing with the zoom and resolution doesn’t fix it. Also I can’t find any way to make the window full screen.

  3. Anonymous

    new boss update is great as is the christmas art – would be cool to see casey get some art update in the future. i’d also be cool to see more ways to increase your slutiness besides alcohol and getting ‘funny’.

    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      Thanks m8,

      there are 3 ways to get slutiness now: drinking, smoking mushrooms or get aroused by watching something (horny stat).
      What is your idea for another way of getting slutiness?

      1. Anonymous

        I’m not sure, maybe in the future when different clothing becomes a thing (if it does like the older versions) certain ones could give Casey more perks in certain areas. A business uniform = better work efficiency while a slutty uniform could make Casey always have ‘slutiness’. It just seems like since you can never visit the cafe before any real events to get drunk, your options are the mushrooms or the alcohol you have at home.

        Also you can get stuck between the wall and the fish tank ‘MT120 micro’. You can obviously save, reload the save and its fixed but its a bug 😛

  4. Jay Burn

    For the public v12 here on the site (sorry I’m not a patron, don’t really have the disposable income right now) the screen is shifted too far to the right, so that the notepad that shows your stats is cut out and cannot be clicked on. The day and money text is also slightly cut off. Just wanted to let you know, since the stats are relatively important to know at any one time. Thanks for the great content!

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