leave2gether v18 is out, v16 turns public

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Thanks Odin, it is finally done!  leave2gether v18 is out, v16 turns public!

This is the first version of dorm event, it includes 2 sex scenes (Lana threesome and Casey threesome) already and some in development.

Guys, I hope you will not get disappoined.
On the first look story might look pretty short, however it includes 6 different story endings (4 logical) of total 14+ pages of text.

I have some plans of extending this event, but don’t have vision for side lines yet (and pretty tired of implementing / fixing dorm party at this stage), so any ideas are welcomed!


  1. MDR

    Will the secret scene that is mentioned when you try to finish the drink after the dorm party be in v19? I’m hoping it’s to do with a Tommi and Casey scene

  2. Jeiahn

    A few ideas about where the dorm party could go or branch into:
    – Foursome; Lana, Casey, Jack and Sam
    – Casey and Tommi; When Lana, Sam and Jack go into the bathroom have an option to instead have sex as Casey with Tommi instead of the Lana threesome
    – Have the Boss crash the party and scare off Jack and Sam then have a threesome with Lana and Casey
    – Have the Boss show up to the party and have sex with Lana instead of Jack and Sam
    – Have any of the others show up to the party as crashers or invites (Kelly, Ram, Tuna or Nikki) offers multiple sex scene/story options.

    Love the game! Keep it up!

    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      It happens randomly (not actual sex scene), when you wake up and don’t see Lana in the room

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