Panthea – leave2gether v0.09 is out :D

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Thank you everyone, who supported me on this long journey rebuilding the game! It took a while to develop leave2gether v0.09, my own game framework with free walking and quest/encounter driven environment. I hope it worth it and now you can judge πŸ™‚

version 009
Almost everything has changed, current game release holds story of Casey’s initial career steps at ‘Galaxy Pumps’ and content is mostly concentrated around introduction quest and Casey’s relations with Jack and Sam.
Some backgrounds, rooms are not finished (and sometimes are only outlined), some rooms has not as many active elements as planned, but this release is important to get your feedback of how you feel regarding new game system and interaction with characters.
You can check the latest game on Newgrounds, on Patreon or on site


  1. Well

    There seems to be a bug or something – after a couple of days I can’t seem to work anymore, I mean the phone answering think, thus I can’t increase the Career meter. However, even tho the scene doesn’t occur, I still get the “Job: Done” πŸ˜› Is this on purpose, or some kind of a bug?

  2. Carso

    Where can I download this versiΓ³n, I have all (I said ALL) the other updates but for some reason theres no way to download this one

    1. Carso

      I say download, to have it in cellphone, where I can play it, I don’t have a computer and the only way I can play is using a special program that let me play flash games, for some reason I can’t play in newgrounds, not even with some special programa, so downloading it ia the only way I can play

  3. Dwolf

    I have really been enjoying this game. Looking forward to all the fun things in the future. I was wondering when might your next update be out and have you thought of some fun micro transactions for bonus stuff to help with cost to make this bigger and better πŸ™‚

    I was also thinking maybe some hot girl on girl maybe a strapon or some toys for her house hmm maybe a sex machine lol

    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      Thanks m8,
      next update for patrons will be out in the end of this month.
      regarding micro-transactions – anyone can support project via Patreon, if he wants.
      For now main issue with content development is that it is still one man project. Guys help me with spelling, but I’m making all the content myself.
      However I try to work with freelancers since last month, but I can’t say it goes well. But we’ll see.

      I like your idea about sex scene, but… again everything is stuck in hiring extra artist

  4. anon

    hey, there seems to be a glitch where the time of day goes to dawn and you cannot leave the office to advance the day

  5. Anonymous

    The game seems to have some bugs.I have more then 20 relation with jack but still I can’t ask private questions and the other option.

  6. Anon

    I couldn’t change clothes or buy new ones, has that been removed? I noticed a perk about “Casual Dressing,” will that be updated soon?

    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      This was temporary removed. Will get back approximately in the next release.
      Dressings will have some modificators, to make sure you have the right dress for right job. This is where ‘Casual Dressing’ comes from

  7. Dick

    Dear developer!A new system of game mechanics the game just fine,but not enough more quests and characters,locations

  8. DarkHorse

    Hey there. Been following this game since your original release on LoK as well. Im amazed its come so far, and just keeps getting better! I cant wait to see more of Sam and the Boss’ questlines and relationships (played for almost 3 hours hoping the first boss questline had opened up before I actually read the changelog/update record).

    One thing I have noticed playing through, which Musicfruit I believe was trying to say, is a glitched system where you click the option to work when it is available, and instead of giving you an event it just confirms that you have ‘worked’ for the day and thats it. Ive also had my game lock into ONLY Sam event when working.

    Anyway, thought I would leave a shoutout, and thanks for keeping up with such an amazing game!


    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      Thanks for the feedback!
      Yes, I now see what you and MusicFruit were saying.
      I will fix those things in the next release for sure, either ‘bugs’ or ‘works as expected’.
      And I guess I will need to add some instruction and description into new release as well, to avoid situations with looking for non-existent scenes as well.

  9. Musicfruit

    Nice to see progress, I still reamember the first time I played on the LoK forum. Is the most time consuming work done? Can we expect a bit faster progress? πŸ™‚

    Should Jack disapear after a few days and have an longer break?
    Working seems a bit buggy, often I can’t work. The option just disapears and nothing happens, but it seems as it count as an completed day.

    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      Yeah, I remember when I started this, it was very important to get positive feedback on LoK forum πŸ™‚ At that time guys inspired me a lot, even though almost everything has changed (and picture improved) till now.
      Regarding faster progress is yes and no. ‘Yes’, because I try to dedicate full time to it. And ‘no’ because most time consuming part is making new drawings and animations – some might take even a week or more (starting from the scratch in paper notepad and ending with animation integrated into game)

      Jack disappear because of “Jack&Kelly” encounter available, however I will fix that so that he disappear only after encounter is actually started (hologramming nails scene). Work is available from morning till late evening or early night. Then you should go home (or get some fun in later releases). The same you can see that Boss is leaving at ‘early evening’, so you can drink his alcohol.

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