Casey Drunk 2

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Casey Drunk 2 (titjob) version added to early scenes topic
Reminds me of a story, when the girl was saying she would love to be woken up by oral sex. Next day she woke up by penis poking into her face.

Have a good weekends, everyone!
Girls, stay alerted!


  1. salem191

    i love the tommi scenes, id love to see more, maybe casey could grow a relationship with him like lana has. a voluntary blowjob scene would be amazing. could even have a random scene that happens when you sleep each night where you wake up with tommi fucking casey in the ass that would make her aroused for the day. dont mind me though, im just a fan walking by. i love every bit of this game.

    PS. i think out of all of the characters lana is my favorite, give her as much attention as possible, the more scenes with her the better. 😉

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