Casey bj & deepthroat scene

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New ‘Casey bj’ scene comes as minigame, uploaded to 5$ section already . ┬áHere you should play as Casey to make sure Jack will keep silence about this… accident.

screen_2 screen_3


What were important and what (I think) were achieved here: good hot graphics, upgraded realistic animation and adding / testing ‘game click mechanics’ (which I want to be able to extend later to multiple partners)

It did took too much time, however a lot of new elements were tested and involved first time (new drawing styles, for example for hair; new small extra elements for realistics; new more realistic animation approaches, etc). I hope with this I will be able to work faster, but produce the same high quality content.


  1. Shadow

    you said 17yh that the public release would come out “tommorow” so actually 18th, but its 20November and i dont see the game :S

  2. Anon

    very nice! except… her face looks a little flat with her chin so sharp(narrow?) and that together with the top of her hair being nearly flat makes it kinda look like she has a square head… but i guess that’s me being nitpicky or not reacting well to change hahah.

    1. leave2getherleave2gether Post author

      I guess this is because of static nature of images. In the animation her hair is moving as well as her lips effectively suck the dick, moving her chain as well

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